Ararat Nur Sprachschule 
Sprache - die Brücke zwischen Menschen = Language - the bridge between people 

Tutoring and Coaching

Nachhilfeunterricht - Tutoring - Coaching


For all pupils of primary, secondary and vocational schools and grammar schools.

We teach the school subjects

  •     Math
  •     French
  •     German
  •     English
  •     Latin
  • Old Greek

Why study with us?

    We offer individual or pair lessons

  •    Our students fill knowledge gaps, practice learning techniques and get used to finding solutions independently   
  •    We train rational testing tactics and speed
  •   Your child gains more self-confidence and motivation
  •   We also teach at your home

Locations: In our classroom in Zurich,  in Männedorf at our home or at your home