Ararat Nur Sprachschule 
Sprache - die Brücke zwischen Menschen = Language - the bridge between people 

About us

Why is learning with us faster and cheaper?

We are a small language school for intensive lessons in small groups and private lessons.

Our specialities are Turkish and German as a foreign language.

You can also learn with us:
English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian, Italian, Polish, Japanese and Norwegian.

- Professional: Learn from a professional - saves time and money!
graduated language teacher with 25 years of experience
- Small groups of 2 - 5 students
- Be flexible in time and place - You learn where you want to and at the time you want to.
- Entering a class possible at any time
- Fast - systematic - intensive - personal
- Learn quickly and inexpensively and in a personal atmosphere.
- Assessment test: Free consultation with placement test
- Free trial lesson
- The world has become more colourful. The world has become a global village. Communication is more important today than ever. Common languages are the first prerequisite for communication.
Our philosophy: we are small but personal, and therefore we can tailor the lessons to the individual goals of the group or the individual student. We also use audio-visual means.

Our team:

Our competent and friendly employees are looking forward to helping you.

Our Turkish teacher :
Turkish teacher with diploma from the Istanbul Pedagogical University. Master's degree from Eskisehir University. Additional training for mediation between parents and authorities. 25 years of teaching experience with primary, secondary and high school students. Many years of experience in Switzerland as a teacher of German for foreigners. German education at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Zurich. Since 20 years also active in adult education at well-known language schools in Switzerland. languages: D, E, TR

Our headmaster :
Matura type A. Study of law in Zurich with licentiate degree. Legal work at courts, district attorney, land registry, tax office etc. Research assistant at the Federal Department of the Environment in Bern. Then 29 years of work as a sales manager in field sales in international trade. Since 12 years active as a tutor for secondary and gym students. Languages: D,eE, F, I, Sp, Ru, Tr, No.

Our teacher for German as a second language (DAZ) :

Our DAZ teacher is a trained German teacher with a university diploma and postgraduate certificates for FIDE and SVEB. She has 5 years of teaching experience with children, teenagers and adults. She can also give literacy courses.

Teachers for other languages :

Depending on our clients' interest in other languages, we have a pool of qualified teachers who are ready to help on demand.

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