Ararat Nur Sprachschule 
Sprache - die Brücke zwischen Menschen = Language - the bridge between people 

Program Details


Company or private courses at your office or at home

For whom?

  • Beginners
  • Advanced
  • Diploma course / Certificate course
  • Tutoring (for school, KV or study)
  • Senior citizens' language course
  • Travel Preparation Course
  • Conversation course
  • Preparation course for final or transfer examinations
  • Holiday courses for pupils

Language courses in Zurich, Winterthur, Männedorf or in Bodrum

1. Small Group intensive Courses

Monday - Friday.

In double lessons of 45 minutes.
Between 09 and 21.30 hours
Current course times:
Please inquire by telephone.

2. Private Intensive Courses

Private lessons, by arrangement.

3. Short intensive courses - "CRASH" courses



With us you will not crash, on the contrary:

In only 2 days we will give you the tools to find your way in the most important daily situations, to read and express yourself orally.

Would you like to better understand and enjoy your host country Turkey on your trip? With little effort you can acquire the most important knowledge to enjoy your trip not only as a sun-hungry tourist but also as an explorer. The language is the key, the "open sesame" for foreign cultures.

If you know a little bit of Turkish, you will immediately get a deeper insight, a broadening of your horizon, it will enrich you with various acquaintances and experiences, which will make your journey really interesting.

In a total of 2 x 6 hours we train you specifically for the following situations:

  •     Greetings, goodbye, requests, thanks, congratulations, courtesy formulas etc.
  •     Do's and Don'ts in the Turkish culture
  •      important phrases, question words, remarks, small conversations
  •     ask questions
  •     ask about communication problems
  •     make appointments
  •     Ask for directions
  •     Express kinship relations
  •     Order in the restaurant
  •     Reservations and bookings in hotel, apartment etc.
  •     Shopping and haggling at the market, in the souvenir shop etc.
  •     Inquiring about leisure activities
  •      Behaviour in case of health problems and emergencies

Course details and dates:

Weekdays: Saturday or Sunday or by arrangement also on other days.

Location: In our classroom in Zurich or other place by arrangement

Participants: 1 - 5 students

12 x lessons x 50 min.
Price on request.

Inquiry and information about execution at Ararat Nur:

4. Language Holidays and Conversation Practise in Turkey

see our prospectuses on top of this link:  Photo Gallery

Here will profit of:

  •    Turkish language courses intensive daily, training by conversation with locals
  •     Holiday home in the tangerine grove
  •     Sandy beach only 5 minutes on foot
  •     Sports: windsurfing, sailing, golf, tennis, beach volleyball, fishing, diving etc.
  •     Culture: Bodrum crusader castle with sea museum, amphitheater, excursions to Kos island, Ephesus, Pamukkale, etc.
  •     Cooking courses Starters (auberge salad etc.), soups (mercimek çorbasi lentil soup etc.) Main courses (hunkiar begendi, imam bayildi, etc.)

With us you can learn the basics of the Turkish language in a completely relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere and enjoy swimming holidays, the delicious Turkish cuisine, the friendly people.

You live in the bay of Ortakent Yahsi, only 5 minutes walking distance from the beach, in a romantic villa, with tangerine and lemon garden, idyllically situated, completely surrounded by greenery (cypresses, pines, tangerines, lemons, pomegranates, quinces etc.), 5 minutes to bakery restaurants city center etc. The bus station is 2 minutes away. Ortakent is about 17 km (20 minutes) from Bodrum, about halfway between Turgut Reis and Bodrum. The Dolmus bus runs every quarter of an hour all day until 5 o'clock in the morning.

We offer

  1. Bedroom and rich Turkish breakfast,
  2. daily language lessons .
  3. On request you can also learn to cook Turkish recipees.

Here you can immerse yourself in the Turkish language and culture,
when shopping at the market, in the restaurant, on excursions
with the famous Gulet wooden ships along the picturesque
Aegean coast. Those who love sports can windsurf, sail,
diving, playing golf or tennis etc.

Cost offer on request. Please contact us soon, space is limited.

5. cooking courses for Turkish recipes (Meze, etc.)

EVERY SATURDAY you will cook the famous delicious Turkish "mezeler" (appetizers, tapas) under guidance and take these delicious homemade dishes home with you at the end of the course. Please register immediately, as the number of participants is limited.


e.g. stuffed vine leaves, stuffed pumpkin blossoms, aubergine puree, various Börek. The 44 most famous meze are:

Menemem, Baharatlı zeytin salatası, cevizli kısır, cevizli tarator, cevizli beaver, Çerkez tavuğu, Antep salatası, avukma, babagannuş, çiğ köfte, çöklek salatası, nohut kroket, mısır mücver, soğan kesesinde piyaz, fasulye mücver, patatesli pazı sarma, kabak kayığı, nar ekşili acılı ezme salatası, rokalı patates mücver, patlıcan ile yaprak sarma, baharat soslu mısırlı antre, zeytinli patates salatası, kereviz salatası, humus, rokalı haydari, karidesli pazı dolma, mantarlı bohça, muammara, yeşil mercimekli lahana sarması, ıspanak tarator, şakşuka, zeytin piyazı, kestaneli lahana sarması, barbunya pilaki, piyaz, kabak ile havuç tarator, deniz börülcesi, ısırgan otu, ebegümeci, enginar salatası, pirinçli imam bayıldı ve zeytin yağlı elma dolması


6. learn belly dance in Bodrum


BAUCHTANZ belly dance is sexy and healthy for your breathing and inner organs. Suitable for all ages and figures, you will learn original Turkish belly dance with a local teacher during your beach holiday in Turkey.


With a local teacher you learn original Turkish belly dance during your beach holiday in Turkey. In our holiday home in Bodrum, the pearl of the Turkish Aegean Sea, surrounded by greenery, you can relax and try out your personal belly dance movements in a relaxed and uninhibited way.

Here you will discover that your belly is beautiful. It shows to advantage instead of negatively as it is usually in advertisements.  

People always talk about the "gut feeling" that helps you make decisions. Here you develop it! With belly dance you get a new body feeling.


As with yoga exercises that help develop diaphragmatic breathing, you learn a new way of moving your abdomen, using muscles that you may not have known existed.


7. Other services



It is often not easy for foreign visitors to find their way around Turkey. Especially in the 15 million city of Istanbul. Often one does not know which restaurants are safe, or in which the tourists are exploited, which offers are serious, or one is faced with the paralyzing bureaucracy of the authorities.  

Therefore ARARAT offers advice and an inexpensive travel service in Turkey, e.g. in Istanbul, with accompaniment, and assistance of various kinds by local friendly travel hostesses. Thus you can enjoy your trip twice, reach your destinations and avoid disappointments.


For example, you may have one of these wishes: - · ·       

  • A cheap hotel,
  • A good restaurant,   
  • an atmospheric bar,   
  • Find an original music bar or disco to your taste;- -        
  • Private city tour with insider tips and accompanied by locals who know the area - -          
  • Sightseeing of the most rewarding sights;-       
  • Book excursions in Turkey;-            
  • Shopping for souvenirs in the bazaar, or for jewellery or leather goods in the cheapest places in Istanbul;-             
  • Rent or buy an apartment or house;-               
  • rent or buy a car or boat;-                
  • Receive a residence or work permit;-   
  • Find and purchase of a suitable house or appartment
  • Negotiations with real estate agents